As (the “Company) we show maximum sensitivity to the security of your personal data. With this awareness, as the Company, we attach great importance to the processing and preservation of all kinds of personal data belonging to all persons related to the Company, including those who benefit from our products and services, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVK Law”). With the full understanding of this responsibility, we process your personal data as "Data Controller" as defined in the KVK Law, as explained below and within the limits ordered by the legislation. ​

As Delta Hotels by Marriott;

  • Our organization collects and processes personal data in compliance with the laws of Turkey and European Union Member States in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life.
  • All our personal data processing activities are covered by our policy. These include the processing of personal and sensitive personal data of customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, and any data collected and processed by the organization from any source.
  • Our organization takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent the unlawful processing of the personal data it processes, to prevent illegal access to the data and to ensure the preservation of the data, and in this context, it makes or has the necessary audits done.
  • Regarding the processing of personal data; in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty, accurate and up-to-date when necessary; for specific, clear and legitimate purposes; engages in personal data processing activities in a connected, limited and measured manner for this purpose.
  • Our organization retains personal data for as long as required by law or for the purpose of processing personal data.
  • Our organization enlightens the personal data owners and provides the necessary information in case personal data owners request information.
  • Our organization acts in accordance with the regulations stipulated in terms of the processing of sensitive personal data and does not carry out any acts or activities without express consent, except for the cases expressly stipulated in the laws.
  • Our organization carries out actions and activities by acting in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the law regarding the transfer of personal data.
  • In our organization, we continue our activities for the protection of personal data with targets that can be monitored, measured and evaluated.
  • Our organization raises awareness regarding the protection of personal data and conveys its related obligations to its parties involved in internal and external matters.
  • Our organization carries out trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase awareness of the protection of Personal Data.
  • Our organization manages personal data violations, evaluates the issue according to the disciplinary procedure and immediately informs the board officials about criminal offenses and violations.
  • Our organization constantly monitors the confidentiality, integrity, up-to-dateness and access rights of personal data with Process-based asset inventory and process-based risk assessment.
  • Our organization is committed to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Management System, its systematic management, continuous improvement of the system and allocating the resources needed by the system.

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